AZA Is “Taking Off” Into His Own Journey Of Self-Discovery

How many times have we felt like we weren’t too sure about where our lives were headed because of the monotony of our everyday struggles?

Multi-instrumentalist AZA takes it a step further from these heavy emotions to create a song detailing this life-changing dilemma keeping many people stuck in unfulfilling lives. He hopes to inspire listeners to go after what it is they desire in life and let go of all of the expectations of society to live a truly enjoyable life of their own.

His newest single “Taking Off” alongside T.wav$ brings a sense of consciousness about being present in our lives to the surface with a fast paced beat combining a rhythmic electronic synth beat with engaging vocals and compelling lyrics. He makes the tack enjoyable although it’s bringing to light the pain points of being stuck in our journeys.

“The overall messaging of “Taking Off” is to tell the story of breaking out of the system, what monotony in life to achieve greatness by tapping into yourself by focusing on things that fulfill your life” he explains when speaking about the new single.

He adds, “Often, we are consumed by distractions that do not truly matter and if we take a step back on focus on our inner selves we can achieve a greater consciousness. It is imperative to inform people that you do not have to conform. You have options. We are free thinkers that are capable of achieving greatness, emotional intelligence, and overall peace in the most trying times.”

The single came together after 2.5 years of collaborating with T.wav$ to continue pursuing their passion for music amidst everything else going on in their lives. “Taking Off” represents finally arrival at that space in their lives where they understand who they are and how their creative power is truly powerful.

AZA is a first-generation American who grew up in Trinidad before acclimating in the East Coast. His music is deeply rooted in the experience of music from the African Diaspora although he has also gained experience in jazz music and as a PhD student who was awarded MIT’s Emerson Scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music.

His teaching in music and mindfulness serve as a tool for himself and his students to practice empathy, social justice, health equity, and wellness in their everyday lives to live more abundantly. To further assist with this mission, he also co-founded the Renaissance Entertainment LLC to intersect music, science, and community building to promote a culture of wellness.

As a multi-instrumentalist AZA is constantly merging his talents in the most efficient way possible to create his songs. It’s what creatively keeps him going in the midst of the busy everyday hustle.

“My creative process often begins with me just sitting at the piano and playing with different licks and riffs until something resonates and then I’ll get on bass or the drums and build out the instrumental from there,” he explains. “Sometimes I just get a musical idea directly into my mind and then I’ll go into the studio to figure out what it is and how to build instrumentation around it.”

The process is different for everyone and he hopes musically inclined individuals are able to take their passions to the next level by putting their all into the craft while realizing that they have a lot to give to this world with their music, whether it’s through singing, rapping, playing instruments, songwriting, etc.

What advice would you give someone who’s just getting started in their musical journey? 

Really enjoy the journey. Music is like a microcosm of life. You should have a goal of where you want to go and use that for motivation when you need to, but learning to fall in love with the process is way more important than clinging to a particular goal or objective. Build a firm technical foundation and understanding but not at the expense of enjoying the process of making music. If you love music, always try to do it from that place and the results will matter less than the fact that you get to spend time doing something you love.

Inspired by the music sounds flowing in his home from a very young age and his dad’s influence as a multi-instrumentalist, AZA mentions Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Kanye West, Jay-Z, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, and Gil Scott Heron as some of the most notable artists that left their mark on his musical journey.

As individuals, we’re inclined to go through many life changing situations that cause a change in perspective as time goes by. Throughout the years he mentions having learned a few very important lessons he’d like to share: “We are not the body or the mind, those are the tools we have to experience life, we can cause pain even when we are trying to be right, having a community of family, friends, and fans will help you through the lowest points of your cycle, and I don’t have to be anything other than what the moment requires.”

These lessons have helped him become the individual he is today in a way that allows him to purposefully live his life while helping others. “Taking Off” is just a symbol of how people have control over how things go in their lives. Make sure to share this song with someone today!

Stream”Taking Off” on all streaming platforms and follow him on Instagram to follow his journey!

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