B.Me – “The Golden Age (Album)”

B. Me inspires us to put in the work with the release of her newest single “Bling” ahead of her album The Golden Age dropping on her birthday, October 23rd!

Female rappers are proclaiming their positions in the music industry now more than ever before. B. Me, also known as B.Me The Diamond Diva, comes in with an energetic new track highlighting how fighting for what’s yours and never settling for less will help you get farther in life than what you imagine.

She blesses us with pure confidence and hard-hitting lyrics in “Bling” displaying how believing in yourself can change your whole life. It’s lyrically and visually appealing to see an assertive, poised Black woman winning their listeners over with her music.

B. Me confidently raps about knowing her worth while getting money from different sources of income. It’s the ultimate dream! She’s living that lavish lifestyle in a variety of outfits showing off her fashionable sense of identity while shutting down all those nay-sayers who always doubted her.

“Bling” features Hip-Hop/Rap based instrumentals flowing in the background perfectly merging with her stunning vocals that balance each other out in this exciting track. It’s building up the anticipation for what she’s going to release with her upcoming album The Golden Age! We can’t wait to hear the new album on October 23rd!

The single “Bling” alongside her last album Handle Business. Cry Later. is now available on all major music streaming platforms!


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