B.rod – “No Politics”

B.rod is an up & coming R&B and Hip-Hop hybrid that is bringing in a new melodic wave. His newest track “No Politics” definitely says it all.

“No Politics” just came out this February 2020 following the releases of his albums, Revelation and The Rebirth. Each track brings in a unique perspective of his life experiences, musical flow, lyrical abilities, and consistent enticing rap deliveries. B.rod is clearly coming up quick in the music  industry and changing the game with his captivating fusions of R&B and Hip-Hop.

The track starts off slow as the beat intensifies and picks up the pace with electronic synths becoming the foreground for the background. His vocals smoothly flow alongside the speed of the  quick beats that attract listeners into his cool vibe right away!

Listen to “No Politics” for the dope beats merged together with his thrilling raps discussing the differences in his life and stay for the rest of his discography covering a variety of topics including pain, love, and overcoming obstacles in life.

Check out the rest of his releases on Apple Music and follow B.rod online to stay on top of his future releases!


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