Baby Aura – “Tunnel Vision”

Running on an appealing base of 808 electronic synths, “Tunnel Vision” is the newest single from 19 year old North Carolina-based artist, Baby Aura.

Baby Aura spreads his thoughts and driven messages through his lyrics that leave behind a mark on whoever listens to his songs. The transcending beats overpower the undertones of his deep vocals flowing in the background as he describes a memorable and erotic night with a special someone. The single would be a lot stronger with louder vocals.

The entire production runs smoothly with the fire sounds and honest lyrics coming together to form a single with cool vibes that makes us relax and go along with the flow as we listen for the very first time. It’s definitely a banger you’d want to share with your friends!

The beats flow perfectly as listeners will find themselves bopping their heads in agreement with each hard hitting note. With the release of “Tunnel Vision,” it’s clear Baby Aura is on the come up and has the determination to succeed in the music industry. Keep him on your radar this year!

Make sure to stream “Tunnel Vision” on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Soundcloud and more!


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