BeatBites Prepare For the Official SXSW 2020 Virtual Showcase

2020 has been filled with many life altering moments due to the effects of the Coronavirus crisis. Many industries were hit the hardest including the live music industry, which has impacted millions of people around the world due to its removal of personal interactions between musicians and their fans.

Now more than ever, we must celebrate music and the constant support of the community. That’s where the streaming content provider for music lovers everywhere BeatBites comes into play.

As our lives start to adjust to this new normal way of living with social distancing, BeatBites is excited to bring you a virtual version of their Official SXSW 2020 showcase! They’re doing so in the form of an exclusive ‘live-in-Seoul’ performances from SUMIN, Balming Tiger, and Se So Neon, with special guest Eric Nam also along for the ride.

SUMIN is a South Korean singer-songwriter, producer and art director. Thriving on the release of her debut album Your Home, she’s well on her way to becoming the next breakout superstar. Check out her latest EP XX, on all streaming platforms!

Balming Tiger is a self-proclaimed “Multi-national Alternative K-pop band” truly leaving their mark on the music industry on a global level.

Se So Neon, dubbed by the industry as the new face of South Korean indie rockThe talented trio is making waves with their sharp and electrifying sound!

Named “2016 Man Of The Year” by GQ Korea, honored “30 Under 30 Asia 2017” by Forbes, and YouTube Music’s Global Trending “Artist on the Rise,” Eric Nam brings his unique sound and love for music to the Official SXSW 2020 showcase. Stream his latest album Before We Begin on all streaming platforms!

Check out BeatBites on Instagram and Youtube to find out more about the virtual version of their Official SXSW 2020 showcase!


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