Beatsmiff Drops Chill New Single “House of The Rising Sun”

Hip Hop music producer Beatsmiff began his journey with Dr Dre’s Chronic 2001, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, and D12’s Devil’s Night, which all find a familiar home throughout the various releases including his insanely well-produced beats. “House of The Rising Sun” is drenched in Hip-Hop synths and instrumentals showcasing Beatsmiff’s raw talent in producing instrumental beats that create a chill experience for his listeners. 

Based in Perth, Western Australia, he has been creating innovative sounds since 2005 with each new release getting better and better over time. “House of The Rising Sun” starts off with piano sound bites mixed in with a distinctive Hip Hop beat putting his own spin to the entire production. After listening to this single, check out Beatsmiff’s own clothing merch with products ranging from t-shirts, backpacks, and snapback hats.


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