Ben Wolf – “Try Again, Tomorrow”

Ben Wolf releases the intimate yet powerful new single “Try Again, Tomorrow” detailing the desire to start over after experiencing difficult situations right after the other. The lighthearted, comforting single hints at a first glimpse of hope after a strenuous time.

“I had had a fight with my then-girlfriend the night before and decided I’d make tomorrow a better day. When I woke up the next morning, in a good mood, I was instantly dragged into another fight between my father and sister,” the 21-year-old explains.

He keeps the optimism alive by reminding himself that there will always be another day to make better choices in his life. Instead of letting the emotions take over, he allows his thoughts to fall onto the page with melancholic guitars as the backdrop. “Try Again, Tomorrow” follows his debut single “Ultraviolet.”

Wolf smoothly reminds us that we’re humans. It’s okay to let ourselves feel every emotion that comes our way and even when it feels like things won’t get better, everything will get better, one day at a time.

We’re sure we’ll hear more from Ben Wolf in the future. Stream “Try Again, Tomorrow” everywhere!


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