Bentley Robles – “Bad”

Bentley Robles is back with a tempting, sensual new single “Bad” exhibiting his desires for someone who ultimately isn’t any good for him. The desires bring him back into a situation he knows he shouldn’t be in regardless of how alluring it is.

The Latinx Pop artist releases this new single after his 2020 releases “Petals” and “Mezcal” simply display his tenacity to produce music that causes a positive reaction in an inspiring, authentic way. With each new release, Robles is bringing us closer into his world and sharing his innate talents with the world.

Written by Bentley Robles and produced by Ryan Schumer, “Bad” doesn’t hold back on his vulnerable emotions towards someone who he knows could hurt him but he deeply desires. It’s an emotion we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.

When Bentley Robles starts playing on the radio, don’t be surprised! We’re certain he will be going far with his timeless, entertaining new music. Stay tuned for the release of his upcoming cosmic-electro pop anthem, “Cardiac,” available this October 14th. If you haven’t heard it yet, also check out his five-song debut EP OVERDRAMATIC!


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