Bizzy – “The Anthem”

Bizzy shares his latest hard-hitting single, “The Anthem,” which dives into the real hardships of sticking around in the streets and what one may encounter.

“The Anthem” is jam packed with high energy from the start to finish to get listeners in the mood for a heavy but relatable track. Bizzy discusses how negative and unforgiving the streets can be throughout the entirety of the song while also mentioning how he’s managed living through an adverse environment, dealing with jealous friends, and law enforcement.

With his main focus being on the hip-hop scene, Bizzy shows a modern twist by bringing in old-school soul into the mix. Many of the stories in his songs depict the life he had in Camden, NJ where he experienced many tough moments while growing up.

Hip-Hop is what brought Bizzy the motivation to keep pushing forward and being able to fully express himself with his listeners. They’ve stuck with him, especially now with “The Anthem” that’s full of catchy hooks like the chorus starting with a energy rising message, “let’s turn up..” that keep fans digging into his song catalog for more bangers.

Through it all, Bizzy’s valuable and insightful lyrics showcase how he won’t be broken down by anyone and he will continue to chase his dreams regardless of how difficult things get. Make sure to listen to “The Anthem” and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

“The Anthem” is available now through Loyalty Over Royalty Records on digital retailers and streaming platforms everywhere!


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