Black Note Graffiti – “Inch by Inch”

Black Note Graffiti keeps the momentum going with their latest Rock release “Inch by Inch” from their upcoming album, Volume III/ Fall.

This hard-rocking band comprised of Gabrielle Bryant (vocals/keys), Kris Keller (guitar/vocals), Kurt Keller (drums), Ricardo Ortiz (vocals/ guitar) and Adam Nine (bass), isn’t afraid to say what they think in this new single. “Inch X Inch” focuses on ending toxic actions taken in relationships that lead us literally nowhere. They use their enthralling lyricism to encourage listeners to take a hold of their lives.

“Inch X Inch” features deep and striking electric guitar riffs while Gabrielle Bryant’s vocals powerfully take over the mic. There are beautiful sounds of the piano incorporated into the song, softening the presence of its hardcore metal instrumentals while allowing each sound to flow freely into the listener’s ears.

Its catchy melody will draw you in right away with their detailed imagery and fierce sound that makes them uniquely Black Note Graffiti! The head-bobbing beats create an enjoyable track that fits any mood and will stay in your head long after the first listen.

Keep an eye out for more to come from your new favorite band, Black Note Graffiti!


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