BLKGMMN Creates Euphoric Melodies In EP “Electus”

BLKGMMN composes some of the most entrancing songs sonically filled with laid-back grooves, warm angelic vocals, funky basslines, and lush melodies grasping all of their listener’s attention with each new release. He’s been gracing his listeners with his smooth sound since 1995 when he began exploring the worlds of Detroit Techno, ChicagoHouse, and Jazz, quickly using what was already popular and turning it into his own.

Born Nathaniel Killins IV, BLKGMMN credits growing up in Detroit during a time when the social tensions of the 60s and 70s cleared the pathway for people to express themselves creatively, as well as his mom who bought him a Casio keyboard when he first started showing an interest in music. By 1981, Detroit was buzzing with the freshest, new sounds of Detroit Techno, which he now employs into this very EP release. The enchanting sounds of Kraftwerk’s electronic rhythms, Paul Hardcastle’s keytar in the music video for “King Tut,” and the breakdance anthem “Rockit” were a few of the popular sounds making their rounds around the neighborhood but it wasn’t until he was introduced to Mantronix’s “Needle to the Groove” and “Stupid Fresh (part 1)” that he began looking at music differently – as something that he needed to be a part of instead of just dancing along to what others were creating.

Feeling inspired to create his own music, he released his own techno/electro debut E.P. Man vs. Machine in 1995, House E.P. Krem de la Krem in 1996, and the eclectic blend of Electronic, R&B, Jazz, and Ambient sounds in Cosmography released in 2004.

His newest EP Electus was written, produced and composed by BLKGMMN who joined forces with Twon Green on the bass and electric guitar to create a particularly pleasant sound fusing House, Techno, Jazz, and R&B. The writer, producer, and musician still continues to create music that moves the soul to this very day as he approaches music much differently than when started in the music industry.

Electus consists of six different songs with their own mixes putting a spin to each and every one. His imaginative approach is highly admirable as he takes a variety of instruments for each track and creates a wavelength of sounds that brings each one alive. The EP is broken down into three songs that each gets their own two mixes. “Electus,” “BEWITCHU,” and “Elevation” each receive two contrasting mixes showing his versatility in music.

The first mix “Electus” (Main Mix) includes subtle vocals alongside Techno synths getting us in the mood for what’s to come from the EP. As the first track, we get to enjoy the mixture of sounds complementing one another to produce a well-established that somehow perfectly connects. If you listen closely, there are a ton of sounds happening at the same time and we don’t know how he does it but it sounds incredible.

“BEWITCHU” (Vocal Mix) keeps the consistent message “I only wanna BEWITCHU” with a simplistic approach throughout the entire track. It’s the first of the “BEWITCHU” mixes anticipating the reconciliation with someone special in his life. This mix doesn’t hold back with the repetitive message of desire and hard-hitting beats creating a futuristic yet modern sound.

“Elevation” (Main Mix) features a psychedelic ambiance with a constant beat flowing in the background that creates a laidback feel as the sounds merge into one undeviating vibe sparking a wave of energy to flow through the listeners. The repetitive female vocals create to keep a solid, chill kind of energy that keeps us waiting for a drop to happen but actually keeps us in a steady mood as the Jazzy, Techno, and Psychedelic mood sets in.

“Electus” (Rile Nodgers Mix) includes Electronic synths merge with vocals that come in and out in a smooth manner that isn’t easily grasped as it disappears into the perfectly laid layer of sounds. The single inspires us to get up and bob our heads along to the consistent sounds flowing from start to finish.

The second mix in the “BEWITCHU” series, “BEWITCHU” (R23PO Mix) covers similar ground with an energetic flow of sci-fi sounds merging with Techno synths, slow-paced transitions, and a steady mix. It takes a different approach by allowing each individual sound to shine without the use of the previously used vocals. Unlike any other track on Electus, this mix flows according to a sentimental storyline of hope and patience. Each beep comes and goes as if it’s leaving behind a hidden message before turning the leaf over to the final track.

“Elevation” (Himi Jendrix Mix) closes out a truly impressive EP creating a sound all of his own. The Techno-inspired track brings back the vocals for a final single proving his knowledge attained over the years. It’s one of those tracks that we can imagine jamming out to on the beach with a drink in hand. Its laidback energy moves swiftly through the emerging sounds taking turns in the background to deliver a profound creation.

Each song on Electus uplifts everyone who listens and creatively sparks a sense of imagination as listeners may feel inspired to pursue their own creative endeavors after giving this EP a shot. Clearly, BLKGMMN has a unique way of making each song pop with each distinct instrument coming into the light to share its fresh sound. Released under the independent JZZLKTRK label, he has been able to creatively pursue his craft which is just starting to display how much care and precision he puts into every one of his releases.

His latest singles “A.T.S.” (Amongst The Stars) and “Amalgamation” are some of his latest releases under the BLKGMMN moniker putting everything he’s ever learned about music into something listeners anywhere in the world can appreciate and dance the night away to themselves. Both singles as well as Electus are available to stream and download on digital platforms everywhere.


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