Bobbo Byrnes – “Angelia”

Bobbo Byrnes shares his latest single, “Angelia,” from his album released in 2018, Two Sides To This Town.

The title of the album, which is mentioned in the opening song “Angelia” speaks about the political division in the United States. The 10-track album explores finding the answers to that division. Two Sides To This Town is a rock record with singles keeping you on your toes.

“It seems every town is divided somewhat now, I don’t have the answers but I’m looking. Maybe some answers are hiding in the grooves of this album,” Bobbo Byrnes said.

“Angelia” is a strong start to the album. The electric guitar helps break the acoustic ballad into a country rock anthem discussing how things are going in the U.S. today.

The music video shows Byrnes playing in a room set set up with three different views. As he rocks out on the guitar in two views, he’s seen looking straight into the camera in one and singing this song. The range in perspectives can be an indication to how the country feels: divided.

Speaking about the single, Bobbo Byrnes said, “Angelia is the muse to carry you away from what’s dragging you down. If you’re not liking what you’re seeing in the mirror – do something, be the person of your dreams. This often means leaving the comfortableness of your current situation.”

If you want to see Bobbo Byrnes live in concert, find him in January 2020 opening for David Lindley at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He will also be touring from CA to TX in March, across the country in the Spring and then Europe in Sept/Oct 2020.

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