Bobbo Byrnes – “Mrs What’s His Name”

Bobbo Byrnes dedicates the single “Mrs What’s His Name” off of The Red Wheelbarrow to his wife.

Filmed in California, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, “Mrs. What’s His Name” refers to a twisted love song of feeling shame of his partner being called “Mrs What’s His Name” because of the way he is. “If I could change, I would/ But you know that I ain’t no good” he sings.

The Country and Folk-Rock beats while he plays the guitar unite to bring a classic pieces that’s definitely timeless. Ultimately Bobbo Byrnes is trying to share optimism and possibility with his songs.

His third album and latest release, The Red Wheelbarrow, connects carefully selected cover songs and compositions filled with rock’n’roll and country rock songs to get you up and moving.

Speaking on the reason for naming his album The Red Wheelbarrow, Bobbo Byrnes said, “I have a tattoo of a red wheelbarrow on my left arm… Well it all goes back to a poem by William Carlos Williams called The Red Wheelbarrow.”

He continues, “It’s a short but important poem that starts with “So much depends upon” and here’s the thing – all he is doing is describing a scene but the scene doesn’t exist until the poet says it exists and in that what he is actually saying is “All art depends upon”.

Follow Bobbo Byrnes on Instagram and his main website! Check out his upcoming performances:

Thursday, November 7
The Buren
Cambridge, MA
w/ Sonny Mone

Friday, November 8
Strong Style Coffee
13 Cushing St, Fitchburg, MA
w/ Brian Lavery

Saturday, November 9
Black Rock Yacht Club
Bridgeport, CT
w/ Sonny Mone

Sunday, November 10
The Hearing Room
Featured Performer
2-5 pm

Monday, November 11
J’s Tavern
Milford, NH

Saturday, November 16
WCAP Radio – Lowell, MA
On Air Interview and performance

Saturday, November 17
Milford, NH
w/ Sonny Mone

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