Boom! – “Lockdown”

Inspired by the current lockdown set in place, Boom! releases a cool, soulful new tune showcasing the fun ways people can come together to party right from their homes.

Boom! is a new dance music project, masterminded by Dominic King (Mystery Girl, My Simple Heart, Music Sounds Better With You etc). This first release is just the beginning that will turn this amazing collective into a regular Zoom event for many to enjoy together!

Its upbeat sounds have the power to make anyone dance and sing along to this track that sounds like it would be part of the next Dance Dance Revolution playlist. “Lockdown “was co-written by Dominic with Kim Appleby (Mel & Kim, Don’t Worry etc) and features lead vocals from Rosanna Eastman and an uplifting rap by South London’s Trixta.

Showcasing cool visuals that fit its theme, the one-minute teaser shows how much fun dancing can be, especially when it’s a shared hobby between more than one person. The disco house mixe by Crazy Corner’s Wade Teo starts off with a groovy beat that quickly amps up into a fast-paced tune.

Don’t forget to stream “Lockdown” on all streaming platforms including Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, and more!

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