Break Fate – “Ferocity”

Break Fate unites to give hope to a hopeless world with their newest album release Ferocity filled with themes of growing up, self doubt, heartbreak and the typical existential crisis.

Along with the release, Break Fate spent some time with their fans on a live stream album experience that the band did to tease the album. The range of colorful visuals made the experience even more amazing. It scene tied with each new song to provide their perspective to the viewers.

The London-based pop/rock trio tackles a variety of topics that listeners won’t typically find on the radio. Their takes on hitting rock bottom and then having to find a way to make their way back up is actually refreshing and a relatable energy we can identify with.

Opening track, “Ferocity,” leads listeners through the desire of wanting to take life into their hands and with all the ferociousness in the world. The album’s main idea of living life with ferocity if followed in “Fog,” a punchy joy ride of a track aiming to inspire listeners to chase their dreams and push towards positivity to overcome all the negativity they may be experiencing.​

With each new single and album release, Break Fate is constantly evolving to become better artists each and every day.  Join their journey and let us know which one is your favorite track! Ferocity is now streaming on all platforms!


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