Brianna Shelko – “Survive”

International pop artist, Brianna Shelko, rushes in with her newest single “Survive” to inspire listeners to reach for the stars every single day of their lives. Her empowering words become a series of motivational mantras helping you move forward.

As an entrepreneur, marketing expert, singer, songwriter and international pop artist, her life experiences have propelled her to put her thoughts into songs that other people can enjoy easily relate to once they listen. “Survive” comes after a difficult time in 2020 where many people found themselves struggling on a day to day basis.

Brianna wants her listeners to know they can conquer anything.

“I want to be a positive influence for those who have made my songs a part of their lives,” Brianna shared. “I know that achieving your goals is hard, but I have faith that hard work and perseverance will eventually pay off.”

The edgy sounds merge with soulful vocals on a Pop-like rhythm you’ll find yourself replaying over and over again. The standout lyric “Everybody is waiting for you to make the call, but you’re dodging bullets even when you have to crawl. Everytime they throw rocks they bounce right off the walls, cause you’re on fire” hits us straight in the soul as we listen.

There’s so many exciting releases coming from Shelko as she continues to grow in the music industry! Folllow her online to keep up with her life:


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