BriGuel – “2020 Vision”

Standing up for injustices all over the world, New York based duo BriGuel, including artist couple Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, release optimistic new EP 2020 Vision discussing a variety of emotions surrounding the country.  

The positive response received from their Covid-19 single, “No One Really Knows” inspired the artist couple to return with their EP, 2020 Vision. The EP displays their stance in solidarity while spreading love and acceptance with the rest of the world. They worked with Andres Gonzalez, founder of the Holistic Life Foundation, to create this album.

“What if everyone’s 2020 Vision included being more aware, kind & loving? We wonder, what kind of World would that be?” BriGuel asks as the main theme of the five-track EP.

The sombering first single “No One Really Knows” opens up the floor for the deep discussions taking place in the EP.  “The Difference” amps up the vibe to inspire listeners to make a change for the unity of the country. The bilingual melodies, infectious rythms of the drums, and soothing lyrics relates with listeners in an enjoyable manner.

“Different View” showcases their ability to turn negative events into an inspiring and engaging track in their newest project.

“Dark Oblivion” flows on a distinct dark, moody rap on the darkness currently taking over the country. Its enticing aura connects with the following positive single “Rainbow,” which creates a visual of an optimistic future.

Closing out the EP is the influential track “Keep Going,” which sticks firmly to the idea of continuing the journey we’re on and fighting for what we believe in regardless of how difficult it may be. The electronic beats and upbeat energy gives the single a refreshing view for listeners.

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