brillion. Releases Lo-Fi Inspired Album “Bedtime Stories Pt. 3”

Missouri-based producer brillion. releases the third installment of his bedtime stories series, Bedtime Stories Pt. 3.

The 20-year old producer encapsulates those nostalgic memories that flood our minds i the late hours of the night. The collection of 15 songs beautifully puts us in a state of reminiscing on what has been while looking forward to what’s coming next in our lives. Each varying beat synchronizes with a smooth finish creating the laidback feeling of being under the stars.

Each single on the album includes a space/nocturnal-related title putting a focus on how each track should make the listener feel. The album’s singles all put us in a state of relaxation that we may never want to come out of. Share Bedtime Stories Pt. 3 with someone today!


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