British Singer & Songwriter Fantastic Mr Marcel Brings Music To Life With “Build Your Heart A Wall”

Will-I-Am meets Andrea 3000 in human form as Fantastic Mr. Marcel, a British singer and songwriter. Marcel is well known for his hit classic “Build Your Heart A Wall.”

My music can be categorized as Soul Pop Hip-Hop Alternative. My sound consists of a mix of poetic lyricism and mellifluous, taking you higher with a beautiful vocal range. Heavily influenced by superheroes, I created a name that empowered me to be a confident singer, hence the name “Fantastic Mr. Marcel”.

My music is witty, endearing and makes waves with the sound, tone, lyrical content and combination of my voice, and build-up of sound, My sound is a mix of poetic lyricism and a mellifluous croon that plays in and out of rhythm, taking you higher with his vocal range and bringing his music to life with a wave of tracks that tells stories keeping his listeners engaged and swaying to his tunes. This track is great firstly because of the lyrical content, the bittersweet melancholy feeling it gives you as its tells you the story through its musical rifts and vocals expression. It’s very captivating, unique sounding and the vocals are just superb. And original and a voice like no other.


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