Brittan Church – “Dirty Little Thing”

Texan-based Rock musician, Brittan Church, provides an escape for his listeners through his music which can be seen in his latest release, “Dirty Little Thing.”

Brittan Church (Singer, Lead Guitar), Tanner Ferrell (Guitar), Damon Cannon (Drummer), and Kolton Lambert (Bass) join forces to create a band that adds a layer of relatability and comfort to listeners worldwide. With a new single like “Dirty Little Thing,” his distinctive voice captures our attention right away with a mighty strum of the guitar and heavy hitting drums.

The Official Lyric Video for “Dirty Little Thing” is taking the band to the next level with lyrics insinuating a fun night with a dangerous woman and an accompanying sound perfect for their thunderous sets. The shadow of the woman with a bright red background quickly holds the viewers observation as the visuals quickly change with the words.

The lyric video creates a sense of wonder about how an official music video would appear. Here’s to hoping the video is created soon! Check out “Dirty Little Thing” down below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Although you may have missed the single release party for “Dirty Little Thing” on Saturday, Feb. 1st, 2020 at Jake’s Backroom with bands Texas 223, Burning The Midnight Oil, Alive and Left for Dead, and Suicide Door, you don’t have to miss out on Brittan Church’s upcoming music!

Follow the invincible, prevailing band on all their social media accounts and keep up with everything Brittan Church related.


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