BROCK has released his newest electronic single “AM I” alongside an A.I. generated music video.

“AM I” is part of a 5-track EP release, available now on Spotify. The singles “AM I,” “Flow,” “Zone,”View,” and “Wing” each have their own distinct voice with “AM I” appearing as one of the most hyped up singles on the EP. It flows effortlessly with instrumentals making it seem like we’re on a different planet right there with him. BROCK imaginatively perfects the idea of being out of this world with “AM I.”

The laser beam-like beats give his unique signature style a boost of energy and focus on the listeners having as much fun as possible while listening to him. It’s a laid-back approach he exemplifies in his other singles as well.

BROCK is rocking out to the light beams of his own path – creating music that hits the soul while laying down a simplistic way of making music that’s both memorable and keeps the listeners guessing what will come next.

Check out the releases on all streaming platforms and connect with BROCK on Youtube, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify!

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