Bruce Baker – “I Am Your Healer”

Bruce Baker encourages listeners to have strength, faith, and courage in his newest single, “I Am Your Healer.” Currently available on all digital music platforms, this song is inspiring and a beautiful reminder to be there for one another during a stressful time of need.

Baker appears as a shining light of hope as he sings “Cause I am your Healer/ I am your Redeemer/ A present help in the midst of the storm” to everyone who listens.

In an effort to encourage healing, restoration and hope, the visuals portray different scenarios where people are dealing with pain and agony in their lives. Baker’s words transcend over their situations as they fight to keep hope to continue living. He even gains his power by the end of the video.

“I Am Your Healer” is clearly a motivational new single that will incline a will in viewers to get up and help someone today. His kindness and toughness against the unknown is a large reason why many of those people in the video were able to stand up and fight. Make sure to follow Bruce Baker on all social media platforms to keep up with his following releases!


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