By Small Ruin – “Crazy”

Have you ever felt yourself go crazy over someone you wanted to date? By Small Ruin shares a story of love in his newest single “Crazy” with a heartwarming tale of someone falling hard for a crush.

The band’s latest single is more personal as it digs into the love life of one of their friends. Lead singer and songwriter Bryan Mullis efficiently transforms a unique tale into a relatable tune everyone can identify with. Musically, the new single sticks to its Rock roots with a guitar, bass and drums solidifying its sound in support of vocalist Bryan’s melodic and familiar voice.

“Crazy” is inspired by a musician friend that has previously claimed he would never settle down with someone, yet fell teh hardest when he met the right girl. This became something By Small Ruin and his friends would tease him about after the fact since he was so adamant about avoiding this situation.

Check out “Crazy” on all streaming platforms and remember to follow By Small Ruin online to discover their past and latest releases! There will definitely be more music to enjoy from By Small Ruin in 2020.



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