By Small Ruin – “Like Heaven”

By Small Ruin may not always know what to say in these particular situations but his songs always have the ability to make us feel the intensity of his emotions. “Like Heaven” expresses how he feels now that he has found that special someone that makes him want to become a better person.

“Was living on the edge/ Now I hang with you instead/ You helped me find that higher law/ You broke the cycle and I’m forever grateful because/ It feels like heaven when you’re here,” he sings with an uptempo rhythm.

It’s always such an incredible feeling finding someone who helps you find your full potential. “She encourages me to be my best self even when I don’t believe I have it in me – never preachy, just living by example,” he admits.

“Like Heaven” increases our energy with rhythmic drums, catchy guitar strums, and powerfully emotive, vocals. Throughout the single, we get excited for his happiness as he shows his appreciation for this person.

After you listen to “Like Heaven” on all streaming platforms, dedicate this track to that special someone in your life!



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