C. Shirock Mesmerizes With Prom-Themed Video For “Stand With Me Tonight”

C. Shirock recently released the video for “Stand With Me Tonight,” the second single of his album featuring a large sense of vulnerability about love between two people mostly inspired by his real-life relationship.
“Stand With Me Tonight” tells the story of a radiating romance growing between two high school students. The scenes flash from them to C. Shirock playing the guitar or dancing along to his lyrics. His blend of heartfelt choruses, therapeutic vocals, and personal lyricization have allowed him to connect with his audience beginning with the one who followed him since his days in his band, Shirock.
The 1980’s inspired music video was taken in a high school gymnasium, which glowed with shimmering lights successfully transporting viewers into the times of the very popular teen movies The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles.

“Stand With Me Tonight” is the second single from the forthcoming full-length album Evidence of Things Unseen, following the upbeat pop single “Confess Your Love.” Detailed by the influence of his real-life love life, Shirock wants to hear his lover confess her emotions for him. He speaks about their chance encounter in Tulum, Mexico where they met while in separate vacations. The song portrays their literal story, capturing the first moments they fell in love.

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