Calhuis Gaining New Fans With “XO”

All there is about Calhuis is that the name comes from combining the last names of Harrison Caldeira and Jordan Vyfhuis. The two are the members of the group and hail from Toronto, Ontario. Calhuis is a Canadian R&B duo; their only song being “XO”.

On first listen, I was startled. There is a sample at the beginning that uses patois and I had to remember that Jamaicans live all over the world. After getting over that, there was the initial bias of all new songs sounding bad, just because they’re new – at the very least, they sound like everything else out there. It wasn’t until the second listen that the song truly manages to get my attention. Between the simple melody and smooth groove of the vocals, you’re bound to fall. Though sexy songs can get really aggressive and tasteless, this song doesn’t do that. There is a reserved feeling that comes across when listening to the song and its lyrics. The beat dropping at the chorus gives the song even more depth as the drumbeat continues throughout the song.

Though there isn’t much on the group currently, you can still follow them to see what they do next:



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