Cameo – “2020 Is My Year”

Is anyone out there feeling like 2020 is cancelled? Leave those thoughts behind and sing along to the newest single “2020 Is My Year” from rapper/singer and songwriter, Cameo.

Cameo aka Cameo Bobo is bringing a huge amount of positive vibes to all her fellow supporters and listeners worldwide who need to hear this pick-me-up. “2020 Is My Year” features an upbeat range of synths and vocals, motivational lyrics, and catchy flow. You’ll find yourself singing along to her lyrics and sharing this song with your friends.

The 3-minute long single is the perfect hype song for the year after everything that has happened!

Her natural gift of encouragement is apparent in “2020 Is My Year.” She aims to encourage the world to understand that “the year can be taken back through the power of words, mindset and positivity!”

Apart from sharing her passionate messages in her songs, Cameo is changing the world one person at a time through fashion styling and as a Goal Coach. Her drive to help other women evolve, achieve goals and feel beautiful every single day is one of the most inspiring attributes of this rising artist.

Stream “2020 Is My Year” on all music streaming platforms and look out for the music video, which will be released this upcoming July!


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