Casey Dreux – “Maybe”

Holding a myriad of titles, singer, songwriter, actress, screenwriter, and entrepreneur Casey Dreux has released her debut single, “Maybe” feauting a soft, memorable melody and clever lyricism.

With a catchy hook appearing all throughout the single, “Maybe” is a dedication to that one special person that we want to spend the night with while creating some new memories.

The very confident Casey Dreux appears in the music video in a variety of scenes singing and dancing directly to the viewers at home. She maintains a relaxed and flirtatious demeanor as she sings “Maybe I can be what you need/ Won’t you come with me.”

“Maybe” is a sweet introduction to Casey Dreux, who is keeping a busy schedule with a variety of projects. Let the music move you and dedicate this song to your special someone!

Stay updated on Casey Dreux and her future releases after watching the video “Maybe” right here on Music Trails! Leave a comment down below.


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