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Interview: Drew Haley Releases New EP “Wildflower”

Today we welcome singer/songwriter Drew Haley to speak about her new EP Wildflower, filled with captivating and refreshing songs drawing listeners into her world of love and light! Congratulations on the release of your EP Wildflower! How are you feeling about sharing this release with the world? Thank you!! It’s such a great feeling to finally have it out there. It was a […]

Interview: Caitlin Min Fa Discusses Heartfelt Message For “Younger Self”

Caitlin Min Fa joins us today to break down her latest release “Younger Self,” time on Reality TV, and power of music in her life. Read the rest of her story down below: Thank you for joining us! Congratulations on the release of “Younger Self”! How are you feeling about sharing this single with the […]

Interview: Nazneen Inspires Hope With New Single “The New Hopefuls”

Singer-songwriter Nazneen shares her newst release “The New Hopefuls,” capturing the ways people have come together in 2020 to make a difference in each other’s lives. Hello Nazneen, your new single is beautiful and poignant!  Please share with our reader the origins of this new song! I wrote “The New Hopefuls,” my latest single, in May. […]

Interview: BAO Debuts “Perpetual Heartbreak” With Songs About Past Romances, Immigrant Roots, & Asian American Community

BAO joins us to speak about the release of Perpetual Heartbreak, which weaves together different stories about his past romances, immigrant roots, and Asian American community all together into this one theme. Thank you for joining us! Congratulations on the release of Perpetual Heartbreak! How are you feeling about sharing this album with the world? Hi and thanks […]

Interview: D.K. Lyons Discusses Special Release “The Past (Romanticized)”

D.K. Lyons joins us today to discuss his newest album The Past (Romanticized) featuring the special releases of “Run to Me,” “Danger,” and “Long Way Home.” Check out our interview here: Thank you for joining us! Congratulations on the release of your album The Past (Romanticized)! How are you feeling about sharing this single with the world? Thanks for […]

Interview: The Sultan Integrates His Love For Halloween In New Single “Monsters”

With the release of “Monsters,“ the Hamburg singer The Sultan released his latest work in style of the spooky season. The single is not only a must-have for every Halloween playlist, but also convinces between the lines. As an oriental sultan in a turban, he sings and dances like a Western pop star and thus unites two […]

Interview: J. Howell Finds Comfort In His “RedRoom”

Melodic. Soulful. Passion. Simple yet intensifying words that quickly summarize the harmonic sounds coming from RedRoom, singer-songwriter J. Howell’s first released R&B EP with nine songs digging deep into the hidden depths of love and heartbreak. After some time of contemplation and self-doubt, releasing RedRoom seemed like the only logical thing to do to get the music he had […]

Interview: Sarah Ragsdale Calls For Unity & Imagination In “Reimagine”

Sarah Ragsdale speaks with us today about her reflective new single “Reimagine” discussing a variety of issues affetcing us in today’s world, including disease, climate change, economic disparity, and social injustice. Check out our interview here: “Reimagine” is a beautiful song about coming together as a part of humanity through a global lens. How did this […]

Interview: Kyle Jordan Discusses Creating “Only One” & Releasing New Merch

It’s always a pleasure introducing you guys to our recently discovered artists! Today, we’re speaking with Kyle Jordan to discuss his newest release and what’s coming up in the future! Welcome Kyle! So good to chat with you today! You have a new single coming out, can you tell us more about it? Hey! Thank you so […]

Interview: Music Producer Trunxks Breaks Down What Makes An Incredible Beat

How many times have you been looking for the right beat but not sure about how to find them?! Music Producer Trunxks joins us today to speak about his music beats and experience within the music industry. His story is one of many influential life stories that inspires music lovers and creators to dig deeper […]

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