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Denaron Kicks Off 2021 With Hot New Single “Wild Out” Featuring Young Dro

Denaron is a Houston, TX-based artist known for his passionate, honest, and open-minded music. Denaron’s music fit perfectly amongst artists such as Music Soul child, Joe, and John Legend as huge; it can be described as a gentlemen’s playlist; a man that knows how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom, with respect and knows her […]

Briya Jordan Moves Forward In Life With New Single “Out Grew”

Out on January 23rd, Briya Jordan returns with “Out Grew” following the release of her debut album Night After Night. Jordan is an up-and-coming R&B artist rising pretty quickly in the music industry with her soulful vocal tone set to win the hearts of music lovers all over the world. The Cleveland-based singer-songwriter delivers uniquely creative melodies in every single one […]

Introducing: Homicide Doll Shares “Hatred For Love” In Newest Album

Independent artist Homicide Doll follows the release of The War Inside My Head with the latest therapeutic new album Hatred For Love reminiscing on the sad, painful endings in his life keeping him in a state of remembrance over what isn’t in his life anymore. The 16-track album puts into perspective all of the moments […]

NBDY Releases Confessional Acoustic Version of “Admissions”

R&B singer NBDY releases 6-song EP Admissions (The Acoustic) confessing the turmoil he’s faced after experiencing unexpected heartbreak. This acoustic version of the EP transforms the original release in 2020 into acoustic melodies filled with undying love and passion. Opener “Admissions” reminisces on the pain felt after being cheated on by someone he truly cared about with […]

Indie/Alternative Artist Wolf (Julia Wolf) Releases A Magnetic Sound & Melody In Latest Single “Hoops”

Italian-American songwriter, Queens native, and indie/alternative artist Wolf (Julia Wolf) is a force to be reckoned with in 2021 with new music highlighting her New York roots, creative endeavors, and overall positive outlook on life. Her honey silk vocals and confessional, stream-of-consciousness lyrical style of the classically trained pianist, vocalist, and self-taught creative individual is an impressive element separating her […]

Mixer & Musician Saint Jargo has Crafted an Enveloping Track of Talented and Musical Profoundness with New Single “Uno Momento”

Young music mixer Saint Jargo’s freshly debuted single “Uno Momento” is a splendidly musical and harmonious progression that cascades into a whole new creative installation of music. Born with the name Carlton Tompkins in 1987 in Buffalo, New York, Saint Jargo was interested in music from a very young age. Fast forward thirty-three years and […]

Introducing: Singer-Songwriter Stephen Guizar Releases Comforting Collection Of Creative Elements In New “With Love” Album

Finding inspiration in the tiniest yet memorable moments of his life, singer-songwriter Stephen Guizar keeps a portfolio of experiences in his back pocket now coming together as his newly released album With Love, now available on all streaming platforms. Each single in the 11-track album includes its own familiar yet distinctive elements, which he mentions […]

Petar Releases EDM Cover Of “You Broke Me First (Club Mix)”

DJ, producer, and singer ​​Petar​ ​releases an EDM remix to the original Tate McRae song ​”You Broke Me First” chronicling a broken relationship ending with both people suffering from unexpected pain. ​He spins the single into a creation all of his own​ with a mellow, experimental sound taking his creativity inspired by the single to heightened levels leading listeners […]

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