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Up Coming Indie Instrumentalist Mr. Milk Releases Debut Album “Emergence”

Mr. Milk, a young music producer and multi-instrument musician from Las Vegas has just released his new 1st album Emergence. The unique instrumental album is being touted as a revolutionary new sound and fans open to creative modern music will find the tracks stimulating and invigorating. Emergence is a fine example of new-age contemporary music and reflects Mr […]

Tatyana Kalko Shares Life-Changing Battles With Addiction In “Cameron”

American Folk/Pop Singer-Songwriter Tatyana Kalko steps into the shoes of a kind stranger dealing with drug addiction who she met during a spontaneous encounter in New York City. Afetr engaging in insightful conversations on the subway, the acoustic song “Cameron” reflects on the desire yet inability to help someone in need. Tatyana explains, “I was taking the A train one evening […]

Lucas Berloff Shares His Brazilian Roots In “Carro Preto”

London-based singer/songwriter Lucas Berloff reflects on the nostalgic memories of his time living in Brazil, experiencing the happiness and joy of driving around in his black car. His newest single in Portuguese “Carro Preto” celebrates a life full of freedom and youth as he remembers the moments that will stay with him forever. The memories […]

Neil March Produces Four-Track EP “Alternatives To Despair” With Distinctive Sounds Close To Home

Composer Neil March takes bits and pieces of his upbringing and cultivates them into four songs reminiscent of what is home to him. The four-piece EP Alternatives To Despair has already received features ranging from the Tom Robinson Show (BBC Radio 6 Music) and shows on Resonance FM, Amazing Radio, Exile FM and RKC. He uses the simplicity of the sounds […]

LOUIS Trae Bailarines Juntos En “Todavía (Cuando Te Veo)” Video Musical

Bailarines de todo el mundo comparten su alegría con el mensaje positivo de LOUIS de “¡Bailemos juntos!” a lo largo de su videoclip “Todavía (Cuando Te Veo)”. Separa creativamente a los bailarines con una indicación de qué país están (Estados Unidos, Colombia, España, India, Kenia y muchos más), lo que les permite mostrar su divertida […]

Charity Rouse Grieves A Lost One In “No Lost Life”

Singer-songwriter and independent Christian artist Charity Rouse releases “No Lost Life” depicting the loss of a life from a faith-based perspective hoping to leave listeners left with some hope. Influenced by her faith and curiosity of the world surrounding her, Rouse writes songs diving deeper into her relationship with God while sharing a profound gift of music. The heartache expressed in “No Lost Life” finds […]

Rebellious Alternative Pop Band Myriam Adams Release Upcoming EP “Sexy Suburban Sadness” On The 13th

Four bandmembers set out to share their arena friendly catchy tunes with an extra touch of edge and personality influenced by a variety of musical genres ranging from bubblegum pop to punk. The rebellious and genre stereotype breakers members Freddie Hammond, Ethan Forde, Archie Shanahan and frontman Jacques Hete make up the alternative pop band Myriam Adams dropping their […]

1/3 Weekly Music Roundup

Here we go again! We’re sharing the top singles/albums that came into our radar this past week! Thank you for joining us – stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends! 1. FALL Or FLIGHT – “tHE eLEVENTH hOUR” FALL or FLIGHT, the anonymous creator of the EP rUDIMENTARY releases their newest double single “tHE eLEVENTH […]

Introducing: Mia Stegner Turns The “Scribbles” From Her Life Into A Delightful New Single Off Her Upcoming Album

Mia Stegner is a singer, songwriter and storyteller navigating the hidden depths of her inner reality. Previous albums Painting The Bathroom Green and Indebted to Blue chronicle the path to discovering who she is on a deeper level as she discusses mental health and finding comfort in her own solitude. The upcoming single “Scribbles” is the first release […]

Sway Tsunami (G Swayzo) Proves Haters Wrong With “DRIP” & Latest Releases

Virginia based rapper G Swayzo stays on top of his dreams with the newest music video release “DRIP” sharing how he needed to cut people off who didn’t see the vision of where he was headed. The intriguing introductory visual puts into perspective how he wasn’ receiving the support he was seeking. He’s now putting […]

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