Chad Skiz – “This One’s For You”

Chad Skiz is displaying his passion, talent and desire for music through his unique voice, eclectic sound and honest lyrics. “This One’s For You” is a dedication to all the warriors out there who are fighting for their lives, especially during these chaotic times in history.

Speaking on the release, he said: “This song actually started as a letter to myself during a very dark time in my life – to which then turned into a small song to help a friend – eventually turning into what it is today. I feel with current events, this song could be a real help to so many people.”

As a singer/songwriter, producer, actor, model and overall creative based in Fargo, North Dakota, Chad Skiz shares his enthusiasm for highlighting the various communities that are important to him. He shines a light on the BLM, LGBT, self help, healthcare workers communities as well as donating proceeds from this song to various organizations and groups related to the ones listed above.

“This One’s For You” is a catchy, thought-provoking single encouraging others not to feel alone. His masterful delivery and dynamic lyrical flow shines through his stunning visuals, powerful and inspiring lyrics, and intensifying positivity. If you’re looking for new music to discover, check out this impressive single:

Keep an eye out for Chad Skiz who’s going to continue making a statement with his songs. Follow him online to find out more about his future releases:


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