Charity Rouse Grieves A Lost One In “No Lost Life”

Singer-songwriter and independent Christian artist Charity Rouse releases “No Lost Life” depicting the loss of a life from a faith-based perspective hoping to leave listeners left with some hope. Influenced by her faith and curiosity of the world surrounding her, Rouse writes songs diving deeper into her relationship with God while sharing a profound gift of music. The heartache expressed in “No Lost Life” finds listeners when they’re searching for it the most and those who can resonate with her thoughtful verses spread across her releases.

The single was recorded at Golden Bear Records in Des Moines Iowa with Bryan Vanderpool of The Well Pennies. Expect to see a “story behind the song” video released early 2021 on Youtube from this trained pianist and natural vocalist ready to share her stories once again.

“She sings because she cannot stay silent, and His love is the theme of her songs.”


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