Charli – “N2”

Fall in love with yourself once again while listening to the new release of “N2” from Los Angeles-based French singer-songwriter Charli.

The final production of this single flows smoothly with enchanting beats and lyrics detailing the duality between the dark and bright sides of herself. Charli unapologetically expresses her feelings towards loving every part of herself that has helped her become the person she is today.

Filled with upbeat, electric beats, “N2” is inspiring us to look within and appreciate ourselves for who we are what we offer the world. This single makes you want to dance along while appreciating everything you’ve been through.

She disclosed her emotions on Facebook by saying, “I have my dark side. You have your dark side. From the second that we have a brain, there are things that are not right-we are human beings with all theses illusions and complexes and everything. That’s attractive to me.”

“N2” follows the release of her two previous singles, “I Love Me” and “Lovey Dovey,” which have accumulated over 30,000+ streams on Spotify.

Stay tuned for the release of the music video for “N2” currently in the works!


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