Charli Releases Inspiring New Music Video For “N2”

In a visually vibrant effort to motivate listeners to live their true authentic themselves, Charli releases the music video for her latest single “N2,” which is all about completely loving ourselves!

Directed and produced by producer and director Patricia L.Gold, “N2” shows the creativity behind showing how the darkness hidden within ourselves can overpower the light. Various scenes show the duality between the dark and bright sides of Charli as she fights against herself before surrendering to fully accepting who she is.

By the end of the music video Charli appears ahead of the darkness, portraying how she has befriended these opposing sides and integrated them into her life. Both sides of herself are what makes her who she is and it’s visually pleasing to see both sides come together as one.

If you haven’t heard “N2” yet, you’re definitely in for a treat!

This music video will inspire you to open up to the idea of accepting who you are regardless of what is occuring in the inside. Look within yourselves and appreciate what it is that makes you who you are today!


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