Christopher The Grey Brings Out Classic Single “Fall Back And Chill”

I don’t know about you, but when summer comes, I love to just chill back and listen to some sweet new tunes. You know, do nothing and just enjoy the good vibes, feel the sunshine on my back, all that stuff.

And now, I’m particularly pleased, ‘cause I’ve found me a song that’s a particularly good fit for doing just that. The latest offering from one of my favorite artists, Christopher the Grey, is called simply “Fall Back and Chill”. And it’s exactly what I was looking for.

What I love about this piece is that it’s a mature, heartfelt piece. It’s not just a kickback and chill easy song for the summer, but rather a smart track that makes you think. “Fall Back…” is a song about life, about the many hardships you’ll face.

“Remember all your teenage years,

When all your thought was smoke&beers;,


Only wanting some cheap thrills”

I think this is by far my favorite part of the song, and it’s right at the beginning, making for a very powerful introduction that hits you right in the gut. I love how you’re just laying back, preparing for an easy vibe, and then these powerful, in your face lyrics just hit you out of nowhere.

I love the way Christopher the Grey addresses the audience, like he knows you, like he was there, during your teenage years. And he was. Better yet, he was in the same spot himself, looking for cheap thrills and not worried about life. And it is with that knowledge, and all that acquired wisdom that he’s now coming at you. And boy, has he got a story to tell.

With an easy, down-low beat, “Fall Back and Chill” is the perfect song, not just for summer, but for any season. Because it makes you think. It makes sure you don’t lose focus of your life and your goals. It’s got raw power. And I love that.

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