Chrystal Rucker – “It Is Well”

Kansas City’s very own Chrystal Rucker encourages listeners to believe in themselves enough to recognize that no matter what life brings upon us, “It Is Well.” Her newest song is a beautiful reminder that everything is going to be alright in the end.

Chrystal has been featured on many critically acclaimed gospel albums and is widely known to fans for her dynamic covers of musical classics including “Over the Rainbow” and by the legendary Aretha Franklin.

“It Is Well” showcases her stunning range of vocals indulged with inspiring lyrics that will quickly take your breath away. What starts off as a gentle Gospel song turns into an impressive, passionate single with powerful, powerful vocals and lyrics like “my faith in you, it will remain.”

Inundated with gentle instruments such as the piano, drums, and background vocals, “It Is Well” is electrifying. By the end of the single, her strong belief in the words she’s professing and in God’s influence of our lives creates an aura of positivity that will stay with us throughout the day.

After feeling inspired with “It Is Well,” make sure to keep an eye out for Chrystal Rucker’s new upcoming release, “Graced For This.”


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