CIRCO & Conociendo Rusia – “Se Abre El Cielo”

Puerto Rican band CIRCO joins Argentine rock band Conociendo Rusia in a special collaboration uniting the sensational sounds of Puerto Rico and Argentina in their newest single “Se Abre El Cielo.”

Produced by all CIRCO members José L. Abreu, José David Pérez, Edgardo Santiago and Orlando Méndez, the acclaimed Puerto Rican band CIRCO created a single full of satisfying melodies, representing the emotional rollercoaster one experiences when they let go of a dying love and celebrate freedom.

The single rests on the rhythmic fusion of the Yubá, which is one the different rhythms of the Puerto Rican Bomba, with emotionally driven lyrics and expressive visuals.

This special collaboration is accompanied by a music video filmed between Puerto Rico and Argentina, now available on all digital music platforms. Puerto Rican director Maleja Rodríguez elevates the tone of the music by removing the bands and the viewer from the comfortable zone. This allows the music to speak for itself as each scene shows the members completely enthralled by what they’re singing.

CIRCO alongside Conociendo Rusia are on the verge of conquering the Latin alternative music scene with their original, unexpected music.

“We were immediately attracted by Mateo Sujatovich’s (Conociendo Rusia) musicality and history. He is a young artist, but with an ancestral baggage of timeless classics. It has been a beautiful experience to share our music with Mateo and the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” expressed Fofé, vocalist of CIRCO.


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