Clean Your Way Out Of Any Mess With This Incredible $11 Kit

It can be a struggle to carry products with you that you know are life-changing while traveling anywhere in your daily life or on plane. Discovering GI Jane Cleaning Products will make you realize what you’ve been missing. Their products ensure you and your homes stay clean with the use of their eco-friendly cleaning products.

GI Jane Cleaning Products is the result of a United States Army veteran and her daughter who put their all into providing products that will change the way we view the cleaning supplies we use every single day at home, in the workplace or on the go.

A shared percentage of the profits are shared with Veteran Homes and other Veteran Women organizations. 

GI Jane Cleaning Products

As one the most effective and yet affordable solutions for everyday purposes, try your own non-alcoholic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and certified kit!

The $11 cleaning kit includes a multipurpose cleanser, air cleanser & deodorizer, and hand cleanser.

GI Jane’s Eco-friendly “Clean On The Go Kits” are perfectly in 4 oz containers consisting of three highly effective cleaning solutions to protect and clean while on the go. Each bottle is perfectly sized to carry in your backpack, pocket, car or purse.

    • Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that offers additional layers of safety that is not provided by traditional cleaners. This product can be used to aggressively clean surfaces inside your home, business, school, gyms, daycares, sports activities etc.
    • Safely clean and deodorize the air and surfaces inside your home or business. This is a powerful oxidizer that will eliminate smells from air, surfaces, carpets, gym bags etc.
    • Spray on GI Jane Hand Cleanser to cleanse hands without the side effect of harsh chemicals known to dry out and harm your hands.

The cleaning kit contains Hypochlorous Acid as a specific ingredient, which makes it completely safe and effective for all purposes. The products are PERFECT for people suffering from allergies and issues like asthma as the products have no composition of fumes and toxic elements.

Support all the Veteran Homes and other Veteran Women organizations out there when you purchase a kit from  GI Jane Cleaning Products

Receive your own $11 cleaning kit anywhere in the United States! Unfortunatelythey do not ship outside of the United State at this time. Their current deal includes free shipping with any order over $30 with the code “FREESHIPPING”. Check out their FAQ if you have any questions before ordering. 

Don’t miss out on this great deal today!

If you’d like to place a bulk order, make sure to email GI Jane Cleaning Products at for more information! 

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