Como Asesinar a Felipes – “Hemos Vuelto Del Abismo”

Como Asesinar a Felipes (CAF) introduce their newest single “Hemos Vuelto Del Abismo” ahead of their exciting new upcoming album!

“Hemos Vuelto Del Abismo” is the first single of the Chilean group’s Como Asesinar a Felipes’ upcoming album MMXX available this October 16th. It currently has accompanied by two remixes including Mixhell Remix featuring Laima Leyton and Sepultura’s founding member Iggor Cavalera then the second remix “Hemos Vuelto del Abismo Dub” is a dubmix by iconic Jamaican dub producer, Scientist.

CAF formed in Santiago in 2006 as a five-piece ensemble combining an eclectic range of hip hop, rock, classical and jazz sounds. Members Koala Contreras (vocals), Cristian Gallardo (sax, flute), Felipe Metraca (drums) and SebaBala (bass, DJ) fuse their love for a variety of sounds into

Their previous album Naturaleza Muerta sparked their presence in the Chilean music scene as a ground-breaking group to watch. With the diverse remixes of “Hemos Vuelto Del Abismo,” this group is set to leave their mark on this Earth as more people discover their music.

MMXX is an exciting new step in their career! Stay tuned for the release coming October 16th but for now enjoy “Hemos Vuelto Del Abismo.”


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