Conrad Ashton – “Celebrate Life”

Conrad Ashton turns up the energy in his newest single “Celebrate Life,” displaying his ever-changing outlook on music and its effect on music lovers all over the world.

“Celebrate Life” keeps up the optimism that the world can come together even in the face of a pandemic. His modern rock vibe is coupled with the striking sounds of the guitar, pounding drums, and his blaring, sharp vocals. Ashton continues to level up as a musician who’s constantly trying to evolve with his music.

Speaking on the release, Conrad Ashton mentions: “Celebrate Life” is simply the best thing I have written today; an optimistic song about celebrating what you have in your life and being thankful for what is in it.”

Firmly rooted in a classic meets modern rock with a pop sound intertwined in the middle, he simply remains himself. He keeps a resemblance to music he finds inspiring including the likes of The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Elvis.

Conrad Ashton remains an unforgettable musician who continues to rise up in each occasion. He’ll continue to leave a long lasting impression with music that’s made for everyone. Read our review of his latest EP release No Post On Sundays right here!


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