Conrad Ashton – “The Longest Night”

Emerging British singer and songwriter Conrad Ashton shares the story of a haunting experience that will always stay with him in the recently released “The Longest Night.” He discusses the life-changing night when he saved a friend from taking their own life.

The heartfelt “The Longest Night” includes infectious, catchy lyrics with his powerful vocals a as the ever-evolving, singer-songwriter puts all his emotion into this memorable track. He acknowledges how “it’s okay not to be okay” while hoping to help people who might be feeling the same way as his friend.

Ashton’s music serves as a breath of fresh air with uplifting atmospheric songs that inspire listeners to share their stories. He encourages a strong message to his listeners about everyone having their own story and life to live with the release of “The Longest Night” accompanied with pop elements and jangly guitars.

He has previously received enormous praise for his recent EP No Post On Sundays and subsequent single “Celebrate Life,” and now he’s returning with an honest take on the realities of going through life. We can always expect the best from Conrad Ashton and we’re excited to hear what he releases next!

Stream “The Longest Night” below:


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