Conrad Ashton – “Time”

Singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton announces the release of his brand new single titled “Time,” which will be available everywhere on May 22nd.

As his first release since 2018, listeners will discover this impeccable rising British singer and songwriter who’s constantly evolving through the education learned and varying approaches he uses in his music. “Time” comes from a massively dark place that turned his emotions and experiences into a masterful piece of work.

In the single, he expresses how we shouldn’t be wasting our life away on things that don’t bring any meaning and should be channeling our energy into going after our dreams. He mentions how the wasted talent he’s come across while on his musical journey has also inspired this new track.

Once the release is out, there will be an accompanying music video to convey its message in alluring visuals.

While staying authentically himself, Ashton has accumulated a loyal fanbase of listeners who have become attracted to his heartfelt, relatable songwriting, melodies, rhythms, and layers of his sound.

Find Conrad Ashton on all the major streaming platforms right here! Follow Conrad Ashton online to keep up with the new material coming throughout the rest of the year.


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