Consci Music Launches Kickstarter Crowdfund Campaign For Your Next Noise Cancelling Tool

Consci Music releasing newest Instrument and Microphone Cables, with noise cancelling technology. Launching on Kickstarter Crowdfund Campaign on Aug 20th.

Consci Music is a revolutionary, forward thinking music company and platform for collaboration based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded to enhance the personal brand and unique sound of affiliated musicians, Consci Music redesigns the music stage with innovative visual arts and technologies to boldly present artists to the public eye. In addition, Consci Music offers top of line music equipment designed to elevate sound and style, on and off the stage.

Beginning August 20th, Consci Music is launching the Kickstarter crowdfund campaign and releasing the first round of products: Consci Music’s Braided, Gold Plated Instrument and Microphone Cables.

These innovative XLR Male-Female and TS 1/4 inch cables feature a built in signal noise cancelling technology. By integrating an iron core inserted into a PVC mold, they are able to significantly dampen excess signal noise and elevate your sound.

These cables are versatile, built to last and protected with a lifetime warranty. They offer clean and pristine sound on stage and in the studio. Available in White Gold or Royal Blue, 6 or 9 meters (20 or 30 feet).

For a limited quantity, Consci Music also offering customizable color schemes on our Instrument and Mic cables. Match the color of your cable to your artistic figure, designed for top tier musician who seeks for the best equipment for their music.

Consci Music have built a Kickstarter crowdfund campaign that tells the story and offers a chance to join the collective. All contributors to the Kickstarter who pledge $35 or more will receive instrument or mic cables as reward. In addition, all contributors will receive an exclusive opportunity to submit their music for a potential record deal.

Consci Music is entering the market with a product but at heart, we are a music collective and record label. As we expand, we plan to produce and market our musicians, and develop a personal artistic brand for them.

Our Kickstarter crowdfund campaign link:


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Instagram: Conscimusic

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