Constantlll – “LIGHTSKIN MAGIC” (Harry Potter Parody)

Constantlll creates his own version of the popular Harry Potter Parody going around on Youtube. His version “Lightskin Magic” is a lighthearted, fun, and mystical visual everyone should check out!

The single is part of his favorite mixtures of different genres including Pop, Hip Hop, Rap and Parody music. It’s quickly accumulated over 110,000+ views in only a few months.

Constantlll is an up and coming 24-year-old singer, rapper, songwriter and collaborator from Ottawa, Ontario. Since his debut in 2018, his social media presence has been steadily growing with over 8 million views and streams as well as 300,000+ followers globally across various social media platforms. He portrays his passion for music with his own family brand called “Different III,” which he uses to promote his music.

“Lightskin Magic” doesn’t hold back on the funny, luxurious and mystical vibes shown from start to finish. The music video shows how he has mastered not only a comical, relevant parody and rap but also creating unique visuals filled with colorful colors and distinct locations.

He drops many names and terms from the popular Harry Potter series while also discussing the “lightskin” dilemmas in his life, trust issues and going through life with a little bit of magic. Lyrically, he’s fast and on point with the beat that proves his ability to make it big in this industry.

Check out the music video down below and keep up with this rising young artist. He’ll definitely surprise us with something catchy and new later this year!



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