Crystal Sound Project ft. Aida Nosrat – “My Lover’s Hands”

Crystal Sound Project invite Iranian singer, Aida Nosrat, to their unique project that combines sculpture and music for a collaboration in their premiered single, “My Lover’s Hands.” The interdisciplinary duo usually present their music in the form of musical performance.

Together, Crystal Sound Project created enovae, their independent label founded by Viktor Benev and Bilyana Furnadzhieva in 2019. “My Lover’s Hands” is the first single released through the label, which features sounds influenced from trip-hop, electronica, jazz and traditional persian singing.

The lyrics throughout the music video are taken from a Sufi poem and the subtitles in English allow listeners to take in the hints given about the song’s meaning. It’s not entirely easy to see what’s going on in the video as we’re only able to see hands gently caressing the face of someone familiar. The gentle touches and tender scenes come to light with lyrics like “my lover is a light, a flame admist a circle, my soul desires his beauty.”

Shown in a black and white visual narrative,”My Lover’s Hands” is a delicate companion of the lyrics, Persian singing, and scenes found throughout the music video. It’s calming, refreshing, and shares a beautiful story well depicted with its visuals.

To see Crystal Sound Project perform live in person, they will be playing in Paris, France on December 21. Also make sure to follow and support their music on social media!

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