Daniel Tortoledo – “Through out These Years”

Venezuelan-American songwriter and performer Daniel Tortoledo releases a heartfelt and upbeat energy filled album, Through out These Years filled with Rock-Alternative groovy vibes and raw depictions of the stories from his life.

The music video for the first track “Dark Times (Brothers and Sisters)” shows vibrant yet dark images on a moving panorama that display how being there for one another while going through difficult times is the only way to create unity. The single is jam packed with wild guitar riffs, mellow drum beats, and old school tunes.

Through out These Years chronicles his life journey and experiences in nine simple songs.  Each song holds your attention with its distinct melodies and captivating lyricism. Standout singles “You Can’t Have It All,” “Bottle Of Wine,” and “Eloise” define the confident and cheerful album.

The entire album is mellow in such a way that can calm anyone while listening to a string of instruments take over instantly from the start. Each story is an important addition to the album that brings the tracks together in a beautiful way.

Stay tuned for the release of his new upcoming EP, Restless Days, set to be released later this year!


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