Danjul – “Faded Destiny”

There’s always a song out there that lets you feel like an artist has taken your thoughts and put them into a coherent, catchy song that you can replay for hours on end. “Faded Destiny” is one of those songs that leave you thinking of that special someone in your life and wishing things were different.

Danjul leaves all his emotions on the table with this heartfelt and soothing new single. The piano-led track introduces a Pop rhythm that stays within the melancholic feeling of sadness. His talent is apparent as his calming and remorseful vocals hit a nerve with each new single.

“Faded Destiny” takes on a variety of emotions someone can feel all at once into one timeless track that will always be relevant. A hint of EDM style drops could’ve also transformed “Faded Destiny” in a magical way as it feels like there will be a drop at some point yet it never comes.

Check out this single and let us know what you think!

If you’re interested in hearing more music from Danjul, read our reviews for his past releases “Lollipop Girl” and “Eyes On You.” Make sure to stream “Faded Destiny” on all streaming platforms here!


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