Danjul Releases Debut Pop Single “Lollipop Girl”

After the release of his popular EDM and Pop song, “Eyes On You,” Danjul shares a new Pop single set to get you up and dancing along to the highly infectious rhythms!

At the start, “Lollipop Girl” opens with an omnious intro, unclear to the listener what direction the single will be headed. Then the beats make their appearance and quickly remind listeners of The Weeknd’s smooth vocals and beats that we’re finally getting more of.

Danjul takes the opportunity to describe a sensual woman who he wants to know even more after meeting in person. The single exhibits futuristic beats mixed with unfiltered, party lyrics perfect for a night out. If you’re looking for new music, “Lollipop Girl” among with Danjul’s other songs will keep you dancing all night long.

The single was written by Danjul and produced by Mitch Maanao, a powerful duo that brings to life your wildest imaginations into a catchy, memorable tune. The electronic beats make the track exciting and energetic, much different from what you would hear on the radio these days.

Once again, Danjul has created a song that not only inspires others to get their pens out and writing their own songs, but also encouraging listeners to keep their minds open and appreciating every single song that comes their way. Take a chance today and listen to “Lollipop Girl” below:

Let us know what you think! Find Danjul on all streaming platforms for upcoming songs and on InstagramYoutube, and Twitter!

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