Danjul – “The Path”

Included in a phenomenal collaborative album, rising artist Danjul joins in on the fun with his bold and self-confident single, “The Path.”

Pop Right Now is jam-packed with 30 minutes of nothing but good vibes with Pop songs from a variety of artists in this addictive music genre. “The Path” stands out as the seventh track taking us through an out of this world experience. Everything from the clean production to the inter-celestial imagery, this single shines bright.

As always, Danjul has released another song that instantly makes listeners flow with the electronic beats and start dancing along. R&B, EDM, and electro pop are all woven together precisely to keep the party going and keeping the union of two people solid.

Danjul confidently reaches out to someone to follow the path to happiness while forgetting how other people may feel about you. The playful yet charming lyrics merge with an unforgettable tempo that creates a sound of an old school Disco track with a faint blend of The Weeknd vibes.

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